Red Beans, Barley, Red Dates, Wolfberry and Barley Powder


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  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Origin: CN(Origin)

Item                         Per 100 grams (g)               Nutrient Reference Value%
Energy                           1585 kJ (kJ)                                         19%
Protein                         11.1 grams (g)                                      19%
Fat                                1.2 grams (g)                                         2%
Carbohydrates            79.5 grams (g)                                       27%
Sodium                    20 milligrams (mg)                                    1%

Product ingredients
Red beans, Barley, Wolfberry, Oats, Yam kudzu root, Red dates, Rock sugar

How to eat

3 simple steps
You can adjust it at will according to your preference.
1.Take 3-4 scoops into the cup.
2.Add about 150ML of hot water at 85°C.
3.Stir well and eat.



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